4 Reasons Foodies Should Book a Restaurant Wedding Venue

16 March 2023
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It should go without saying that choosing your wedding venue is a big decision since there is such a huge range of things to consider. Of course, those with a refined or adventurous taste in food are naturally going to think more than most about what kind of delicacies can be provided. If you happen to be a foodie, a restaurant wedding venue is probably going to appeal over all others.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Wider Selection

Probably the most compelling reason for those with a focus on food to choose a restaurant wedding is being able to offer a much wider selection. Instead of simply offering your guests a couple of choices, you get a whole menu to play with. That's great since it gives you the opportunity to provide some creative or exotic dishes that would be a little too niche to appeal to a larger crowd. Of course, it also lets you and your guests sample a wide range of dishes rather than sticking to just one or two.

2. Greater Control

Most people are fine leaving the details to the professionals when it comes to cooking, but those with an interest in food might like to get a little more involved. When you book a restaurant wedding venue, you have far more control over how your food is prepared. If you want to give a little twist to a traditional dish, you will be free to make it. It's also generally easier to make adjustments on the day, and you'll even have the opportunity to talk things through with the head chef to create something truly unique.

3. A Chance to Revisit

For those who are passionate about food, the chance to revisit meaningful dishes is always valued. That's often impossible when you book a traditional wedding venue since you can't exactly book an entire catering service outside of a large event. However, those who pick a restaurant wedding venue can often simply take a walk down to their chosen restaurant to relive their special day through the dishes that helped make it special.

4. Chance for Seconds

Finally, it's worth remembering that traditional wedding menus are fixed in terms of how much you can have as well as in terms of what's available. If you want seconds or feel like trying a different dish, a traditional venue probably won't be able to accommodate the request. However, that's exactly what a restaurant is designed for. If you or any of your guests want seconds or anything else extra, all they have to do is order.

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