Essential Tips for Ordering Chinese Takeaway

14 July 2020
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People are ordering takeaway food more than ever before, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants have been forced to offer takeaway services only in a bid to control infection rates. However, ordering Chinese takeaway dishes can be a bit challenging, especially if you have never tried any Chinese delicacies. You need to know how to order Chinese takeaway delicacies to avoid getting the wrong dish. Read on for essential tips about ordering Chinese food takeaway.

Don't Ask for Chopsticks

If you are not using chopsticks, then you are not eating Chinese food. Many Chinese restaurants automatically offer them instead of a spoon, knife or a fork. It goes without saying for in-restaurant eating and takeaways. Therefore, it makes little sense to remind a restaurant to include chopsticks when packaging takeaway. Unfortunately, most first-timers find it convenient to remind Chinese restaurants to include chopsticks. Doing so might come out as disrespectful, and this is the last thing you want. When ordering for Chinese takeout, you need to understand that the meal will be delivered with chopsticks; therefore, there is no need to ask for the same.

Order Multiple Dishes

One of the best ways to enjoy Chinese food is to eat a little bit of everything. It is a typical scene in Chinese restaurants, and it originates from the family-style dining culture of the Chinese. If you are in a group of three friends and all of you order the same food, there will be very little to enjoy. Furthermore, the chances are high that there will be a lot of leftover food. However, your taste buds will appreciate it if you order a variety of foods. Moreover, requesting for a variety of meals reduces the chances of leftovers since everyone wants to taste each recipe. It plays a critical role in eliminating food wastage, which is a significant problem in Australia.

Don't Guess the Menu

Some Chinese restaurants have their menus written in Chinese alone while others are translated into English. However, these menus change every so often; therefore, it is good practice to confirm what you are ordering before finalising an order. Unfortunately, most people ignore this step, mainly when takeouts are processed through smartphone applications. Therefore, you will only realise a mistake when the food arrives, and a restaurant will not take it back. You should call a restaurant through their service number to confirm whether you are ordering the correct meal.