Etiquette Tips When You Are Eating at an Indian Restaurant

24 October 2017
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Indian food is growing in popularity in major Australian cities. This is based on the many Indian restaurants that are cropping up all over the place. You can decide to have Indian cuisine with friends, family or business partners. These restaurants always have a wide variety of items available on the menu. However, there are unique guidelines that should be followed when eating Indian foods. Behaving differently can leave you very embarrassed, especially if you are in the company of Indian hosts. Below are some of the etiquette tips you should observe when eating in Indian restaurants:

Ordering beef is forbidden

Believe it or not, but cows are sacred animals among the Hindu, and it is against their culture to eat them. Asking for any beef-related products will be considered as an insult to the community. The best way to order food is to begin by looking at the menu and then pick a dish from what is listed.

Eating using hands is acceptable

Most people use cutlery when eating at all times. This is not necessary when you are in an Indian restaurant. Feel free to roll up your sleeves and use your bare hands. While this might seem odd to you, it is acceptable and shows a sign of appreciation and respect to the Indian traditional culture.

Table manners

If you are invited by an Indian host, a specific order is followed when food is being served. The oldest male at the table is expected to be served serve first, followed by the guests. You should also start eating after them as a sign of respect. The same approach is applicable at the end of the meal. You have to wait until everybody has finished their food and then leave the table after the oldest male. Even if you finish earlier than everybody else, you just have to be patient.

Feel free to ask for suggestions

Indian food is rather spicy, and this applies to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. If you are unfamiliar with the items on the menu, ask the waiter or your Indian hosts for assistance. It would be embarrassing to order a plate of food, only to find that you cannot have more than a few bites. In most cases, the spices can be put on side dishes so that you can make your selection as you eat.

Make sure you observe these guidelines and you will have a wonderful experience at your selected Indian restaurant.