Tips for an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party for Kids

30 December 2019
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Kids' birthday parties aren't always something that Mother appreciates — Mother Nature, that is. You might be trying to make small changes in your everyday life that reduce your carbon footprint, leading to an eco-friendly existence. But can this be the case when you need to throw a birthday party for your child and their friends? It's not as though an eco-friendly party has to be any different than a party where the environmental impact of the festivities isn't even a consideration. Read More 

Brunch Can Be a Drag (And This Is a Good Thing)

10 October 2019
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The current mainstream popularity of drag queens can probably be credited to RuPaul's Drag Race. The reality show, in which a group of drag queens compete in a series of design and performance challenges, has been on the air since 2009, has won nine Emmy Awards, and an Australian version of the show is in the works. You might think of drag as nighttime entertainment, something for the wee hours in a club after a few drinks. Read More 

Chinese Food: How Do You Know You Are in the Right Place?

9 February 2019
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Diversity is the beauty of this planet. It's an amazing feeling when you travel to a new place and find people doing things differently from your native country. The variations stand out in nearly everything that you use daily. The clothes, houses and cars differ greatly among other things. Food also falls in this category. Tasting food from other cultures is a great way of experiencing other people's culture and routines. Read More