Brunch Can Be a Drag (And This Is a Good Thing)

10 October 2019
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The current mainstream popularity of drag queens can probably be credited to RuPaul's Drag Race. The reality show, in which a group of drag queens compete in a series of design and performance challenges, has been on the air since 2009, has won nine Emmy Awards, and an Australian version of the show is in the works. You might think of drag as nighttime entertainment, something for the wee hours in a club after a few drinks. But what about some drag with your eggs? Drag brunch is becoming an increasingly popular weekly event in many cities across the globe, and there's no reason why your cafe can't get in on the action.

Brunch with a Drag Show

It's not rocket science, and drag brunch is simply brunch with a drag show. While they eat, the audience is presented with a live show which can be anything from lip synching to a stand up comedy routine to a beauty pageant and even bingo or a trivia quiz. The idea is both fun and simple, but why might you consider bringing drag brunch to your cafe?

Support and Profit

There are two key reasons why drag brunch can be a fantastic idea. Firstly, you're showing your support for the LGBTQ community. Secondly, it can be quite lucrative. In London, drag brunch can cost as much as £40 (which is just over $72 AUD). While you might not realistically be able to charge that much for brunch in Australia, you can certainly charge more than what would be expected for a standard brunch. Because there's nothing standard about drag brunch. It's a meal with a show, after all, and you need to pay the performers.

The Show

Putting on the show isn't necessarily going to be all that complicated either. Use social media to look for drag performers in your local area. Ideally you can find queens who work together, essentially allowing you to book a fully-formed group who might already have a performance rehearsed and ready to go. You could even check out local drag shows in case you've never seen one before, so you have a rough idea of what to expect.

Not Suitable for All Ages

Your rough idea will show you just how rough the level of drag humour can be. It does skew towards the adult side of comedy, with outrageous innuendos and sexual jokes being the norm. For this reason, you might want to place an age restriction (or at least an age recommendation) on your drag brunch, just in case any families were considering bringing their young children.

It's remarkable how men dressed as women can liven up a meal, as well as helping you to make what can be considerable profit. Consult a local resource to learn more about how entertainment can liven up your cafe.