Chinese Food: How Do You Know You Are in the Right Place?

9 February 2019
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Diversity is the beauty of this planet. It's an amazing feeling when you travel to a new place and find people doing things differently from your native country. The variations stand out in nearly everything that you use daily. The clothes, houses and cars differ greatly among other things. Food also falls in this category. Tasting food from other cultures is a great way of experiencing other people's culture and routines. Particularly, the Chinese have established their cuisines among modern cultures. They are a great way of experiencing Chinese culture. If you are looking to taste Chinese food for the first time, the following things will indicate that you are in the right place:

Colour Diversity 

A Chinese dish is a perfect fit for the mantra, "if it looks good, eat it." Colour variety is an important element when it comes to Chinese food. The diversity aims at enhancing the aesthetic value of the food and arousing your appetite. Your mind begins to conceive a nice meal the moment you look at most Chinese dishes. When you walk into a Chinese restaurant, the colour of the food is a good starting point for you to know that you are in the right place. To achieve this, chefs add two or more colourful ingredients to decorate the food and add aesthetic value to the main dish.

Amazing Taste

Chinese restaurants are keen on living up to your expectations. They work hard to ensure that the food tastes exactly as the natives make it. Seasoning elements such as sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and salt must be in the recipe. The cooks used them in certain sequences and amount to deliver the five elemental tastes of Chinese food. These are sour, sweet, hot, salty and bitter. The tastes are in line with the preferences of the segmented Chinese population. For instance, the Jiangsu cuisine favours a sweet flavour, representing the popular "South-sweet" China.

Medicinal Food

A thorough look at a menu should tell you if you are in the right place for Chinese food. One of the things to look out for is medicinal food, often lacking on menus from other cultures. The Chinese are among the few people keen on natural and nutritional medicinal food and beverages. Their long-standing tradition has evolved over the years to find its way into modern diets. If you see stuff such as mandarin oranges, almonds, peanuts and honey dominating the accompaniments, then you are in for an amazing Chinese medicinal treat.