Why Brunch Is the Perfect First Date

25 January 2018
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Brunch has become a hugely popular weekend activity in the last decade or so, with groups of friends and family members gathering on Saturdays and Sundays for a delicious, leisurely in-between meal.

Because it's so closely associated with meeting up with people you know well, brunch isn't often considered as an appropriate thing to do on a date. In most cases, people who are arranging a date either go for an evening meal or something that doesn't involve eating at all.

Next time you're meeting someone for your first date, give brunch a go. It could turn out to be the best decision you make, for several reasons.

It's casual...

Dinner dates often have quite a formal atmosphere, even in the more casual restaurants. This puts a lot of pressure on the date from the get-go, which leads to nerves and awkward situations.

Brunch is far more casual than an evening meal, so you can relax and be yourself. Most places serving brunch get pretty busy, too, so it won't be embarrassingly quiet wherever you go.

...but not too casual

Brunch occupies a nice middle ground, not just between breakfast and lunch, but also between the formality of eating out and the relaxed experience of coffee or a couple of drinks.

Because there's food involved, you're committed for longer than a simple cafe or bar date, so there's more time to get to know each other.

It's memorable

With brunch being such a rarity among dating activities, it's more likely to be a memorable event. This helps you make a positive impression as soon as you suggest it, and it will get your date's interest right away.

If you're meeting someone for brunch who's actively dating, it's always good to make sure you stand out – for the right reasons, of course.

You'll be more alert

Going on a date in the evening means you've already had a whole day of being awake. Brunch dates automatically mean meeting up with your date earlier on, when your mind is still fresh and you're feeling more with it.

There's nothing worse than yawning while your date is talking to make them think you're bored of their company.

There's probably still alcohol

Many brunch restaurants serve drinks like mimosas and bloody Marys, so you can still have something to take the edge off any nerves. But daytime drinking implies smaller quantities, so you're less likely to get drunk and make a fool of yourself.