Quirky Ways to Surprise Guests with Your Wedding Food -- A Guide for the Foodie Bride!

11 July 2016
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If food is your thing, you probably cringe at the prospect of serving the traditional fare at your wedding. After all, who needs another wedding buffet with dreary sausage rolls and limp-lettuced sandwiches? Luckily for you, the trend in wedding catering is favouring something a little more quirky, whether it be a swanky 20s vibe or posh comfort food. Read on for some tips on how you can wow your guests with some quirky eats that taste as good as they look.

Travel back in time

With the recent success of the film The Great Gatsby, many people have started incorporating a 20s vibe into their wedding planning. This includes a real 20s influence in their choice of food and drink, with tea sandwiches, seafood bars, and champagne cocktails all the rage. If you're feeling extravagant, you could even include a champagne tower, which is bound to impress your guests! 

Cozy it up

Think about the comfort foods you really love, be it fish and chips, burgers, or lovely filling pies, then consider serving healthy versions of these as your wedding food, with locally-sourced meats and veggies. Before you wince at the idea, think about how the food could be served; with simple food like this, the presentation is everything. You want the food to look inviting, so burgers could be served rustic-style on chopping boards, placed fish and chips could be served Brit-style in newspaper, pies could be served in cardboard boxes with a label and a ribbon... the possibilities are endless.

Have a midnight snack

After a busy day of celebrations and dancing, your guests will be tired and ready for some sustenance. A recent trend is to have a late night snack available for your guests, and this is certainly an impressive end to the day. Whether you decide on mini tacos, tiny cheese sandwiches with a side of tomato soup in a shot glass, cookie and milk shots or a quesadilla bar, your guests will leave with a great memory of the day and nice full stomachs.

Truck it to you

Street food is massively popular nowadays, and a great way to bring this trend to your wedding is through the use of a food truck. Food trucks are fantastic for outdoor weddings because they can come directly to you, and there is little as quirky and memorable as a food truck serving trendy street food to your wedding guests. Plus, what an amazing backdrop for wedding photos!