Helpful tips for introducing your kids to Indian cuisine

26 April 2016
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The aromatic joys of Indian cuisine are enjoyed by many Australian adults, but getting the kids to enjoy the exotic spices and flavours can be a real battle for parents. If you're trying to introduce your children to Indian food, check out these helpful tips. 

Grab it with your hands

Kids live finger food—it allows them to get their hands a little grubby and really explore what they are consuming, making it a great way to introduce new flavours and textures. Serve your kids up a few easy-to-eat Indian finger foods and let them taste while having a bit of fun. Try lightly-spiced naan bread or pappadum with a sweet mango chutney or raita for dipping as mild, enjoyable flavours for immature palates to begin engaging with Indian cuisine. If your kids are a little more adventurous, offer them a vegetable samosa or pakora to try with their favourite sauce.

Don't go overboard with the heat

Whether dining out or at home, it is important that you go easy on the chili when introducing your children to the flavours of Indian food. As much of Indian cuisine contains an element of heat and spice, make sure you taste test the dishes yourself before offering them to your kids to try. When purchasing a dish from your local authentic Indian restaurant, make sure you order very mild dishes such as tandoori chicken or vegetable biryani, and make mention of your desire for a very mild dish for your children. 

Start slowly at home

It's easy to integrate quintessentially Indian spices and flavours into your cooking at home, and for fussy kids this is a great way to slowly introduce them to Indian cuisine. Try adding a little cumin to carrots, or a little garam masala in scrambled eggs. Offer pappadums as an afternoon snack, or if your children are fans of soup offer a warming bowl of lentil soup for lunch on a cold winter's day.

Visit an authentic Indian restaurant

If you are fortunate enough to have a truly authentic Indian restaurant in your area, take your kids out for a special feast. This will give them the opportunity to learn a little about the culture behind the cuisine, while enjoying the experience of dining out. When making a booking at your local Indian restaurant mention that you are introducing your children to Indian flavours and ask about kid-friendly meal options that they offer. If you have especially young or boisterous kids consider booking for a lunch meal on a day that has slower traffic, or even purchase a take away banquet meal to share in a nearby park as a family. Don't forget to enjoy a refreshing mango lassi or kheer for dessert!