Sushi Etiquette | 4 Inspiring Ways To Eat Sushi Like A Pro On Your First Visit

25 April 2016
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If you and your loved ones have decided to visit a sushi restaurant like Pink Rice for the first time, then you'll naturally want to find out everything you can for the most authentic experience. Sushi is not only an exotic choice for a meal, but it also serves as an excellent conversation starter between people. This guide is designed to prepare you with inspiring ways to eat sushi like a pro at a restaurant, even if it is your first visit.

Avoid Ordering Everything In One Instance

While you probably want to eat everything on the menu, keep in mind that you should avoid ordering everything in one instance. Ordering everything at once will cause the sushi dish to lose its proper temperature, and it may start to dry out before you and your companions can even get to it. Take your time when ordering different dishes at the sushi restaurant.

Use Soy, Ginger And Wasabi Prudently

Soy intensifies the fresh sushi flavour, but too much will overwhelm the taste. Avoid shaking off sushi after dipping in soy because this will cause each piece to fall apart. You'll also want to avoid mixing the soy and wasabi together because this will weaken the flavour of each accompaniment. You can add wasabi directly to the sushi piece. Keep in mind that eating ginger with your sushi is considered bad manners because it is a palate cleanser between each bite.

Ask For A Chef Recommendation

You've come here for the first time, so don't assume that you know everything even if you've read all the guides possible online. Every chef will have a specialty, so don't hesitate to ask for it at the sushi restaurant. Chefs will be able to recommend special dishes to give you an authentic sushi eating experience. If there's something you don't particularly like or are allergic to, be sure to let the chef know in advance.

Maximise Flavour By Choosing Fish In A Particular Order

If you're looking to maximise your sushi eating experience, then choose fish in a particular order. As a general rule, it's best to begin with light, white fish like cod and haddock. You can then follow it up with richer fish flavours from silver and pink fish like John Dory and salmon. Eat egg rolls last because they act as desserts and imply the end of your order.

If this is your first visit to a sushi restaurant, follow these inspiring tips to eat sushi like a pro.